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Thread: "dangerous animal" propaganda

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    Quote Originally Posted by bleeding_sarcasm View Post
    This is one of the reasons I joined my city's Humane Commission. To have a part in the laws and ordinances that effect your pets. They tend to be filled with a bunch of old bittys and Reptiles are demonized and the last thing they are going to care about, so contact your city clerk, and interview with a counsel member to get onto the board/Commission and keep laws like these from being passed in your city/town.

    This is really sad for a lot of different reasons. Mostly because the leopard gecko market has just about bottomed out, and the idea that you can make money off of breeding reptiles on a small scale is a dilusion. Last year we invested no less then 8 THOUSAND dollars in high end leopard gecko and enigma projects. A morph that enigma combos were reduced to $40 by the following year. It costs more to house and feed them then it does to sell their offspring. Leopard geckos are so inbred, and bred early, that many females start to ovulate at 25g or less, meaning they are out for breeding that year, and they need to breed the following year. With the mealworm shortage, prices skyrocketed, and most eggs were infertile, and a lot of the hatchlings that DID pop out, were deformed. I wont even get into the animals that are so inbred, they fail to thrive and just die for no reason at all (Like an $800 gecko after her first clutch) Everyone who has 2 geckos can make babies, and it is this "breeding frenzy" that makes for more supply then there is a demand, and she wont be able to sell the offspring for enough to make a profit. This is something that the market is not going to be able to recover from, because EVERYONE is breeding, and there are just SO MANY geckos out there, there is just vast surplus. I ended up giving them away to people for free, just to get rid of them.

    Most leopard gecko people who are in it for more then a year, get into the other inbred morphs, like australian geckos, and now fat tail geckos, and not to mention ball pythons (A snake that would rather starve to death then eat? How would you like that as an "investment")

    My advice is to contact your friend, and tell her to cancel any pending sales, and turn around and sell every gecko that she just purchased. I can guarantee you that if she even LISTS them, she will get contacted by people who will lowball, and within a month, she will not make a profit, and will probably take a loss for the geckos she JUST purchased.

    The hobby market is not a place to invest in this economy, and she should put every one of her last checks into a savings account. Or buying some plants so she can grow her own food.

    She dose good dispite what you think she makes well over $600 a reptile show and sense shes in low income housing that pays almost all her bills. Its all she has to rely on right now and it gets the bills payed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krestie Kate View Post
    She dose good dispite what you think she makes well over $600 a reptile show and sense shes in low income housing that pays almost all her bills. Its all she has to rely on right now and it gets the bills payed.
    I dont know where you live that $600 is good at a reptile show. $600 would cover my table and electricity and nothing else. Not the supplies, the deli cups, the display cases, etc. I wont even get into sales tax, let alone INCOME tax on reptile sales (If you are a legit business).

    Maybe local sales in her area are booming, meaning people have jobs, and expendible income, to take on another month. In which case, by all means, blow off everything that I said.

    But my cricket and mealworm bill for 200 geckos was about $150/mo. My electricity, $200/mo. And my rent is $1000 a mo. 30% the square footage in my apartment is taken up by my reptiles, so I deduct 30% of my rent as a business expense.

    Lets say her low income housing is $250/mo. She would need to make $600 profit from each show [after expenses], every month, to cut even on just caring for reptiles. Let alone putting clothes on her back, and food in her mouth. It doesnt add up, and if she jumped on any forum, and looked at the market based on the internet (, you can see how many big names are getting out of it, suffering, and not cutting even, and those are people have been in it for 10+ years) She would run in the other direction.

    I would love for you to update this thread in 6 months, and then again in a year (because unless she is buying breeding animals right NOW, she wont be producing anything until next year) and let us know if reptiles paid her bills, and if she was able to make a living off of it. Because I guarantee you, she is the only one who would be able to walk into this, and pull it off.

    PS. I love to know that my taxes are going towards helping people on low-income housing who use the money they make from their job on frivilous things like reptiles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chewbecca View Post
    Yeah. I own a pit bull AND I own reptiles.
    NEITHER one deserve to be banned.
    The goal with the HSUS and PETA is to make sure that NO ONE owns an animal of any kind.
    It's about control.

    Don't get me started.
    PETA huh? I've heard alot about them recently. Whats the deal??


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