Ok, I've been here for just about 3 weeks, so it's about time I formally introduce myself. My name is Mike, I'm from NY and I've been breeding reptiles for about 6 years now (sounds like the beginning of an AA meeting!) It's mostly a hobby... I don't sell online but I do work an area reptile expo... about 6 shows per year. I also sell to area pet stores (NEVER chain stores... I try never to sell to anyone that will kill my animals!) I work with Cresteds, chahoua, gargoyles, leopards, fat-tails and beardies. I've also got an awesome yellow Saharan Uromastyx who loves to implant his spikes into my wrists.

I have a full-time marketing career and am also a musician... and still have time for my wife of three years, Lisa! While she loves fur-bearing animals, she's found a love for Cresties and actually works the expos with me. I'll post pics below... and if anyone wants to check out the site for my band, feel free: www.stonegrooveband.com

Here's me:

Me trying to be cool:

Me BEING cool:

And finally, for those of you that read my entry about my demonic cat frightening my cresties tails off..... maybe she was JUST getting me back: