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Thread: Naturalistic Vivarium- Great Stuff "How To"... LOTS of pics

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    I agree with Harold. You should have no need to add any type of fertilizer. That's what the gecko poop is for (along with the dead leaves-leaf litter, and dead microfauna) . I'm sure cypress bark would be fine. A lot of people use cypress wood for cage furniture, so I'm sure the bark is fine. I use orchid bark myself. It is true that the coir is acidic in nature, which means that some plants won't like it as much, but it's fine for most of the plants you may want to use. It's only the more delicate species that show more of a response to the acidity if the don't like it. 99% of the time your plants will grow perfectly fine in coir. My substrate consists of mostly coir, with orchid bark and sphagnum moss mixed in. I don't have any special way I mix it - I just throw some of it together until I get a consistancy that I like. It's probably around 2:1:1 parts coir:orchid bark:sphagnum. This allows an airy substrate that can also hold humidity well. But like I said, the ratios vary a lot. Don't forget that once your leaf litter starts decomposing, the leaves will also be another component in your mix.

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    When making the background, can I use wood from the backyard (after I bake it of course)?? Or do i need to buy corkbark?
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    You can use wood from your yard, but make sure that it is a type of wood that doesn't rot easily so that you won't have to make a new background in a year or two.
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    Im new here and this Thread is awesome!!! I am planning on taking on a few huge thanks this winter! I had some questions and Ideas

    can you take clay pots, crack them in half and then cover in silicone and eco... and then stick them in the GS to make shelves and ledges?

    what planst to best?

    and more pics guys/girls? would love to see some finished products!

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    Please dont bump old posts because it sends email notifications to each person who posted in the thread, years ago. Try using the search function at the top of the post. Here is a search I did with the key words 'dirt wall'. Try looking through that for more pictures. Search
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    I have a boa constrictor, so I think I could do all of this just the same with her. I mean I'd probably move some stuff around for her special needs, but could I do this all the same with fake plants so I could just wipe them down??


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