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Thread: help convincing mom

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    Default help convincing mom

    so i need help convincing my mom to let me get a corn snake when i already have 1 leo and 1 crestie
    any tips?
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    Learn as much as you can about them is the biggest thing. Figure out exactly how you will take care of it, feed it, etc. This way you can try and put off any worries your mom has about being able to take care of it.

    Make sure you are showing her you are 'responsible' in other ways by doing things without being asked like maybe taking out the garbage when needed or the like.

    Oh...and pray she isn't afraid of snakes.

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    I would first find out if she, or your dad, is scared of snakes. If they are, it is probably a loss cause. If not, do your research and prove to them you know how to take care of it properly. They are lovely little beast, I have a few and my students really like them. Well exept for the pooping on the sometimes LOL
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    Okay here comes a moms view.

    How old are you?
    Are you home a lot or are you on the go?
    Are you really responsible or so you just think you are?
    How does she feel about rodents in her freezer?
    I am deathly afraid of snakes no reason I just am. They are the first thing I go look at when I go to the zoo or amy show bit there is no way in hell that one will live in my house. Nothing against them I just know they like to escape and there is just not enough room for me and a loose snake in the house.
    Okay now of that is not your battles then just learning everything you can and if you have a friend that has one see if you can babysit it for a
    week r so just to show mom that they ate adorable and you can handle it. Like Gina (stellasmommy) mom found out no meant no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kennedy7717 View Post
    Okay here comes a moms view.

    How old are you?
    Are you home a lot or are you on the go?
    Are you really responsible or so you just think you are?
    How does she feel about rodents in her freezer?
    To help you answer these questions, try this..
    For the home questions...snakes do not need constant attention like most mammals. They can be played with once a day or once a week, or none in a week, they don't care. Don't anthropomorphisize them. If you get a secure enclosure, make sure you (if a tank) have hood latches or that (if a tub) the top is secure and has a firm latching system.

    For the rodents...they will need to be in a ziplock bag to prevent freezer burn and to help her with not seeing them you could always put them is a walmart bag or similar plastic grocery bag.

    OP, have you tried yet?
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    If your parent(s) don't approve of snakes in the house, then there is no 'convincing'. You will just have to respect their wishes until you are on your own.
    I am 29-yrs-old with a good job, and a pile of pets that I take excellent care of. But I am not allowed to have snakes either. My dad just doesn't want snakes in the house (My mom never wanted any either when she was alive). The beardies, cresties, swifts, frogs, etc. are all fine.
    My dad's rules are, I can have any pet I can take care of as long as it's not a snake, scorpion, or tarantula.
    When my boyfriend and I move out in a couple years I am getting a corn snake, so it's something I at least know is in the future.
    Unfortunately, no matter how old you are or how responsible you are, it still comes down to the parents' rules when you live at home.
    Begging for a snake if your parent don't want one in the house is very unfair to them and also to the snake.
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    As a mom of three tweens ...the most important part of this discussion would be "Why do you want a snake?"...

    If I got a reason that did not involve "so I can look cool in front of my friends"...or "there's this girl/boy........

    Seriously, make a list of all supplies needed, a feasible plan of how to help pay, caresheets, and a really good, self motivated reason...

    Do that and you would get a green light at my house.... this post is months old...still decent advise? ha!!!
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    Talk to Mom and find out if she just hates the concept of snakes or if it's the feeding of live prey that turns her stomach. My son asked me for a snake years ago. At that time all he got was a confident "NO" because I had never handled a snake and I thought all snakes ate only live prey. Well, we finally went to NERD and looked at some ball pythons. I have to say I was fascinated and we ended up picking up a nice pastel for my son. Andy helped get him onto f/t and rest is history. Sometimes it's misinformation that makes us not want to explore something new, like a snake for a pet. Along with Linc (the pastel) I now have 12 others, including a rtb. And the joke behind that is, I play with them, feed them and clean the cages and my son doesn't even pay attention to them.

    I'm not guaranteeing your Mom will change her mind. I've loved animals all my life, and consider the more the merrier.
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    care sheets are a big one! not animal wise, but whenever I wanted something while living at home, I would make a pretty word document with all of the information. like when I was living at home, and wanted to get my belly button pierced at 14. I made a document talking about the price, healing, risks, all that jazz. so gather all of the research and info you can, and show her that you're educating yourself. but, like the others said, if there's a phobia about snakes, you're probably out of luck, and might want to look at other pet options!
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