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Thread: Pheonix.. his huge heart ..and really cute personality!

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    Default Pheonix.. his huge heart ..and really cute personality!

    Next Monday, Phoenix will be here 4 weeks ..and he has made some huge improvements! The Vet is very impressed with his progress and recovery, and we are very impressed with the size of his heart and the goofy personality he's sharing with us!

    He's putting on some weight and his fur looks better with every day!

    Besides bouncing off walls and pillows.. I think this is his favorite past time!

    For all this little dude has been through ..neglected and mistreated to whatever extreme, and by whom... he STILL has a very big heart and a lot of love to share with his new humans.

    I went to take a siesta and maybe read a little, the other day I let Phoenix out on the bed for a bit. I fell asleep while he dozed off in his "dust bucket" ...and I woke up to find him.....

    ...snoozing under the throw, next to me. Awww...

    (Sorry for the quality of the pic ..but I could only reach my cell without waking him.)

    Last evening, hubby was taking a break and piled in under the comforter to read for a bit. I let Phoenix out for a quick jaunt around the bed ..and a bath... and went back to whatever I was doing in the kitchen. Ever'so often, I'd go back and check on my boys ...hubby had fallen asleep and Phoenix was curled up behind his knees (on the outside of the comfy), snoozing too. Awww...

    Every ten or so minutes, I'd go check on my boys ..and Phoenix would be right there behind his knees ..snoozin' away. Until about 45 minutes passed and hubby came in here to inform me that Phoenix was probably over-exerting himself (he's still on restricted "romp time") and I probably should put him back in his enclosure. "Huh?"

    Hubby said, "Every time you walk back here, he hurries and snuggles up behind my knees and gets very still ...and every time you walk back down the hallway, he starts running and jumping laps all over the bed and my head!"

    Sneaky Phoenix!
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    Awwww I love the Sneaky guy, thats such a cute Story!
    Im so glad hes doing way better!

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    I am so happy he is doing so well. yeah!! mine have never gotten so snuggly
    and the zoo

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    Thank you so much for sharing this adorable and now happy story! I can just picture my hubby with this little fur ball bouncing all over his head hee hee. i am so glad that he found his way to you and that you were able to give him a safe and happy home.
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    You so deserve a big success story like this one!
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    lol! What a great story! I love this little guy and I'm glad that you're lifting his spirits up with his health


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