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Thread: Tigerbarr?

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    Default Tigerbarr?

    Someone here has it. I forget who. have you bred it yet? Is it just a tiger with thick bars or another serperate morph?

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    Tigerbarr is another name for Tiger stiped. It is a less radical form of brindle. And i think lizardrick has it.
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    Default naaa

    the tigerbarr is a totally seperate morph, yes i have bred him to a couple diff females and now have 5 eggs and more on the way. i will let you know if they will be for sale,but first i want to see what they look like.only one has been for sure promised and Bobby is the lucky dogg. but i owed this to him. i will keep informed. later
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    I was just wondering if hes bred to see what the babies look like. To me he looks like a nice tiger.

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