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Thread: >:-( *grrrr* Harry Potter pushed to July!!!!

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    I have to admit, I watched the CLerks 2 thingie that rubberman posted and i LMAO. Hilarious.
    But I still think the LOTR films are better than the Star Wars!

    Happry Potter?
    I love the books. And I like some HP movies better than others.
    I think what they should have done was make Harry Potter a television series (maybe like the new Dr. Who, definitely give it to the BBC because they wouldn't screw it up the way Hollywood would!) ) because then they would have been able to fit more stuff in and not have to edit things out.
    Granted you'd have to watch the episodes "in order" to keep up with whats going on, but that'd be a great marketing ploy to keep bringing people back!
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    Hehe Clerks 2 was very funny !
    That would be a great idea if they made Harry Potter a TV series! Then we'd have a whole season or more for each book rather than just a movie for each one.
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