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Thread: Shoulder Buddy

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikey View Post
    Although this is sort of a late reply now...from my experience Rhacs and shoulders are just a recipe for disaster - no matter how tame the animal is. You don't know how difficult it is to get a gecko off of your back without injuring it if it decides to take a few steps back until you experience it...
    We already established that she did not mean that literaly.

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    I have a Crestie who hangs out with me while I'm on the computer, he comes to his cage door when I walk in the room and he climbs out onto me.
    I think this is because of several factors: I handle him regularly, he gets treats while out, (I let him lick the CGD spoon) and he lives in my bedroom, so he's used to my smell. That, and he's just a mellow mellow personality!
    So its individual to the gecko and the relationship with its human, I thnk.
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