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Thread: 12x12x12 for one Crestie?

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    I've got my single lady in the Exo-Terra 18x18x24, she had been in the Exo-Terra 12x12x12 up until Christmas when she was about a year old and it had gotten to the point where it just didn't seem to be enough room for her so I got her the new tank and gave the old one to my FBT.

    She really enjoys her new house, though it is harder to keep the temps and humidity up in the winter especially since I live in Canada. She has a undertank heater as well as a red Zoomed nighttime heat bulb for those days where it's nearly -40C out and I just can't keep it warm enough in here. The only downside is that I end up having to mist several times a day or just end up soaking the substrate to keep the humidity decent.

    As for problems finding food: I put her dish in the same place every night and she comes right down. It's impossible for her to find her crickets in there so I just use the "cup" method, she knows where to find that as well. Routine, routine, routine, just like any other pet. She knows what time she's going to be fed and if I'm even 15 minutes late I find her sitting there staring at the place the dish should be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Holly View Post
    She knows what time she's going to be fed and if I'm even 15 minutes late I find her sitting there staring at the place the dish should be.
    LOL It's like cats... trying to conjure food out of thin air... "You WILL feed me now" only with her it's "The food will appear NOW.." Talk about a funny mental image.
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    Default SORRY

    Sorry everyone...
    I think I started a huge arguement. And actually, I do not have a ton of $$$ right now but I am scrounging up every penny I have to get a good life for my crested gecko. And 20 is big enough for one, but they don't have a 20 in the Exo Terra Rainforest Habitat Kit which is what I have my mind set on. And again, sorry...
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    No worries, everyone does it differently.
    I know some breeders have single adults comfortably housed in vertical 15 gals solo, and that works fine. Space can be an issue when you have loads of geckos.
    Just experiment and learn what works best for your household and your particular gecko. Nothing is set in stone, you can always change if you feel the need to!
    You will know your gecko better than anyone anyways.
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