oh a good option for getting rid of poo (I've done this for years) is hermit crabs with other kinds of reptiles, they walk around the tank and eat the poo, always kept my tanks nice and clean, they will also eat any dead crickets, pieces of shed skin etc. that they find, never had a problem with any lizards getting hurt by them either, they are scavengers. and if you only have one in a tank (gecko) you can make a hermit crab rotation, have it in a tank for a day then move it to another then another, etc. only thing is I don't know if they can carry any diseases that would affect cresties, anyone know?

I had them in with green anoles, blue anoles, iguanas, house geckos, golden geckos, turkish geckos, bibrons geckos, crocodile geckos, golden geckos, and fan foots, I think thats it