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Thread: Common gecko forum acronyms, nicknames, etc.

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    Default Common gecko forum acronyms, nicknames, etc.

    So, since we're on the internet and there's only so much space available on it (??), we like to speak in acronyms and short words like OMG, TIA, and WTF. The problem with this is that on most forums, you can't run a search for anything under 4 letters long.

    I thought this might be a helpful resource for people who are new to these forums specifically and possibly Rhacodactylus species in general. This is just a short little "dictionary" for terms that are 3 letters long or fewer, because they are not searchable. Please let me know what I've missed or what I've written incorrectly! And if there's something you're confused about and don't want to ask in public, send me a PM and I'll add it to the list

    1.2.3 (often seen in signatures) - These numbers indicate the number and sex of animals of a given species the poster owns. "1.2.3" would mean 1 male, 2 females, and 3 unsexed animals.

    BOI - Board of Inquiry. A website one may choose to use to deal with disputes with herp (and herp supply) sellers. Also useful for finding recommended dealers.

    Cal - Calcium

    CB - Captive Born. An animal which was born in captivity.

    CBB - Captive Born and Bred. An animal which was both bred (parents mated) and born or hatched in captivity.

    CG - Crested Gecko (Rhacodactylus ciliatus).

    CH - Captive Hatched. An animal which was hatched in captivity.

    CGD - Crested Gecko Diet. A brand-name food for crested geckos. A similar formula is sold under the Repashy name.

    D3 - A vitamin used in the processing of calcium within the body.

    Dal - Dalmatian morph. A gecko with spots.

    DUW - Dial-Up Warning. Often posted in the subject line of a thread to let readers on dialup know that there are a lot of large images inside, so it may take them a long time to load.

    Exo - Exo Terra, a specific brand of reptile/herping supplies; often used to refer to their enclosures specifically.

    F1, F2 etc. - In breeding projects, "F1" would be the first generation of offspring from a wild-caught pair. F1 offspring are rare in the Rhac world due to strong exporting restrictions of the species.

    F/t - Frozen (then) Thawed. A way of serving certain kinds of feeder animals to meat-eaters.

    FS/T - For Sale/Trade.

    FTS - Floppy Tail Syndrome. The condition in which a gecko's tail begins to "flop" over its head or off to one side when it hangs upside-down.

    G - Grams. The most commonly-used unit of measurement when dealing with small geckos. Also, sometimes, gallons.

    GE1 or GE2 - GE brand silicone type 1 or 2 used in dirt wall set ups.

    GGD - Gargoyle Gecko Diet. A brand-name food for gargoyle geckos. (Now discontinued.)

    GS - Great Stuff foam. Often used in hand-made enclosures to build backgrounds.

    GT - Grande Terre. A locale of some Rhacodactylus species.

    ICB - Insect Cricket Balancer. Generally, a product which is dusted over crickets and live food to make them more nutritious for reptiles.

    KK - Kritter Keeper. Brand name for a relatively inexpensive plastic type of enclosure sometimes used for keeping smaller animals.

    LGD - Leachianus Gecko Diet. A brand-name food for leachianus geckos.

    LTC - Long-Term Captive. An animal which has been in captivity for a long time, but which was originally found outside.

    MBD - Metabolic Bone Disease. A weakening of the bone structure, often caused by an imbalance in D3, calcium, and/or phosphorous.

    Mod - Moderator. A person who helps run a forum, generally on a volunteer basis. And therefore, someone you should not poke with sticks.

    MRP - Meal Replacement Powder. Any food that comes in powder form that may be mixed with water (or other liquid) to provide a balanced meal.

    NFS - Not For Sale. Used in trade sections, generally to show off what sort of genetics an animal comes from or is capable of producing.

    Nuu Ami - A locale of some Rhacodactylus species.

    Nuu Ana - A locale of some Rhacodactylus species.

    OBO - Or Best Offer. Seen in trade sections - the seller is willing to accept the best offer or highest bid on an item or animal.

    OP - Original Poster. The person who started the thread.

    PI - Pine Island. A locale of some Rhacodactylus species.

    Pin - Pinstripe morph. A gecko with stripes running along its dorsal ridges.

    PM - Private Message. A note sent directly from one forum member to another.

    QT - Quarantine. Sometimes, also Quart, the unit of measurement.

    RTB - Ready To Breed. An animal that is of proper breeding weight, size, and/or age; may or may not be proven. Alternately, Red Tailed Boa.

    SVL - Snout (to) Vent Length.

    TL - Total Length (snout to tail tip).

    TS - Thread Starter. The person who made the original post in a thread.

    TSD - Temperature(-dependent) Sex Determination. An incubation method which produces a larger quantity of a given sex at certain temperatures.

    UTH - Under Tank Heater. Device used to add warmth to an enclosure.

    UVB - A type of ultraviolet light. Some breeders use it with Rhacodactylus, and some do not, as they are nocturnal. Can be useful in assisting live foliage in enclosures to grow properly.

    Viv - Vivarium

    WC - Wild-Caught. An animal which was captured outside.

    WTB - Want To Buy. Seen in trade sections. Indicating that someone is looking for a specific item or animal.

    WTS - Want To Sell. Seen in trade sections. Indicating that someone is looking to sell a specific item or animal.
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