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Thread: !Video On terrium set-up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saille View Post
    Good job, Carlos! I like how you described what a bioactive viv is, that's very helpful to Newbies. Explaining the paper towel thing was great too, for the hatchling/juvie enclosures.
    If you wanted to, you could even give a brief explaination on what impaction actually is and what can cause it.

    I only wish we could have been "introduced" to each gecko living in each viv!
    I liked seeing Fuego, (beautiful gecko!) but I wanted to see Ghost! (yes, my fave. . . )
    But you can do that in your next video, introduce them all and how to handle various sized Cresties!

    You were nice and steady, very clear in your instruction and made it look so easy!
    Oh, and I friggin LOVE your dog, she's a total riot! I laughed when she went tearing through the room you were filming in! What a great Cameo! LMAO

    Oh, and the cricket chirping was pretty funny too!
    thank you very much sallie, I am keeping crickets right now in the house and all they do is chirp chirp chirp all night and day, my dog is a crack up, she was doing her laps around the house while I was filming, playing with her imaginary doxie friend lol. not to worry I will be making new videos with my cresties in them...I probly will have a new addition to my cresties by the end of this week, Im going to the fire show on the 19th. I hope to score A nice female at a good price, either a dal girl,tiger girl,red girl or even a harly girl..Got my fingers crossed.
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    Darn it, I have no idea how I always miss the good threads.
    Anyways, I love love love the video! You sounded so sure of yourself, actually. I hope it helps a lot of future cresite owners. And I just like seeing how people do it at their house. =)

    Wooo, we got a shout-out! That is AWESOME.

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    I know this is an old thread but I would love to see the video if that is possible.


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