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Thread: how do people feed their hatchlings!

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    Default how do people feed their hatchlings!

    my july 25th hatchlings eat crickets occasionaly, probably 1 every week. And they touch their baby food about 2x a week. Why dont they eat. Im afraid they are starving. I will put drops of baby food on their nose so they lick it off occasionaly. Any advice?!

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    Their stomachs are so small it can be hard to tell if they eat or not.. if they are vigorous and actrive and most importantly if you see poop everything is fine. Hand feeding them is a bad idea as it can become a bad habit you have to break... or so Ive heard.

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    I was just afraid theyd die.

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    just give em time theyll eat. i use quarter inch crix. the first few weeks the don't seem to eat much but i guess it takes time for their stomachs to expand.

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