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Thread: How often should I feed my gecko?

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    My girl has CGD available every night. Crickets 2 or 3 times a weeks dusted wuith calcium d3 powder everytime. I use the Repashy D3 med. IM of the school of thought that it is rare to overdose on D3, ive never really heard of a veterinary substantiated case. But everyone does things differently.

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    Talking Few questions...

    I just got a juvie crested gecko a couple of days ago so I have a few questions.
    1. How many times a week should I feed it crickets and how many
    2. Should I put CDG in his cage every day and switch it in the morning?
    3. How do I get him to trust me
    4. Should I mist his cage in the morning and at night?
    5. How do I know if he is eating his CDG

    Thanks! By the way this is my first time on here!

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    This is an old post. Please use the search function then a new post before asking questions in someone else's thread or bumping up an old thread. Thanks.
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