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Thread: Do cresteds eat meal worms

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    mealworms dont eat threw animal false i feed my leos w/ mealworms but no clue if crested eat them im buying one today i googles and eneded up lol.

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    Mealworms can't chew through the stomachs of reptiles - that's a fallacy.
    There have been reports of superworms doing so, but the incidence is rare, and like it was mentioned, only in creatures that don't chew it well thereby not killing it before swallowing.

    Mealworms do have a very real risk of impaction in crested geckos. The only time I ever feed them to mine is if they are fresh moults (pure white and soft) - that way, there's no crunchy exoskeleton to cause problems. Even with my Leos, I try to only feed them fresh moults as they're not the greatest chewers, and too many mealworms can cause impaction in Leos as well.

    There have also been reports of butterworms causing problems in cresteds.

    You'll really need to trust your instincts regarding what to feed. Do lots of reading and research online and see what many people have to say. Ultimately, it is a personal choice assuming it's an informed choice.

    Personally, I choose only to feed mine crickets, the occasional waxworm, the occasional phoenix worm, and the very occasional mealworms when it comes to bugs. However, others may feed differently. Just know the possible risks inherent in each bug, and then decide from there.

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    I still remember getting a trio of geckos online. Came in just fine but they were eating, and there were no poops. I talked to a friend, dosed them with mineral oil - lube up the system - and the next day there were HUGE poops full of undigested meal worms. I have never feed meals worms.
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