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Thread: Not looking good.. Liquid white poop?!

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    Exclamation Not looking good.. Liquid white poop?!

    Alright, I have been having promlems with my crested gecko eating and she was getting on the thin side. Now she has not been pooping normal. She is pooping liquid and it is white as well as clear.. I have not found anything like this before on any other forums. This certainly does not seem the least bit normal at all!.. For the past few days I have been hand feeding her.. Crested gecko diet. Does anyone know what is going on? I am really stressing out and worried.. Please let me know ASAP Thank you!

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    If the waste is whitish and mostly liquid, most likely it is just the gecko's urates, a form of urine that reptiles pass and it's normal.

    Have you been weighing her to monitor her weight? If not you may want to try purchasing a gram scale to keep an eye on her from week to week to ensure that she isn't rapidly loosing weight. If this is the case you may want to take her to a local vet who is familiar with exotics to have a fecal float test done to rule out any possible parasites that could be causing her to loose weight and her appetite.

    Is this a young gecko? If so she may be eating small amounts of food when you aren't looking and it may not seem like she is eating much. How much food do you normally offer her when you aren't hand-feeding her and how is her enclosure currently setup? If you aren't seeing normal droppings you can try moving her to a more sterile environment with paper towels as a substrate liner and minor decorations to make it easy for you to view them.

    It's also worth mentioning that if your house is relatively cooler this time of the year then it may just be slowing down her metabolism, which would cause her to eat and poop less often. This time of the year I allow the room that all my geckos are kept in to drop considerably and they noticeably eat and pass waste less than they normally would in warmer temperatures.

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    Thank you for your reply. However, she is doing this a lot and not pooping. I just switched to paper towl to monitor her better. I have Crested Gecko Diet always available to her.. she likes it better when i add a little bit of mushed up banana with it. I also have been giving her a few waxworms.. to help with her weight..
    I just got some crickets and will try giving her some tonight. I am going to go to walmart and pick up a scale and borrow my brothers camera.. to take pictures and give a weight update. She is over a year and will be 2 years in May. I just want the best for all my pets and get really nervous when something does not seem normal.

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    What if my lizard's poop looks like CGD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lbarak View Post
    What if my lizard's poop looks like CGD?
    all 5 of my cresties poop looks like cgd it is normal.
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    yea water waste is white and gets chaulky when broken down....and poop from protein (the diet or crickets) is brown....

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    Yea there I figured that after.. But there is no actual poop.. I put 4 crickets in her tank and there is no desire to eat them..

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    Wow.. After the scare I had, my gecko finally had what looked to be healthy droppings.. Still I am seeing if she goes after any of the crickets..Hopefully her weight will increase soon! Thanks for everything!


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