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Thread: "Airborne"

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    you can get echinacea with goldenseal at kroger or most pharmacies. they might have it at walmart too. this is the kind that i usually get:

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    they put it into capsules, and that is a great way to take it. back in the day, i used to make goldenseal tea when i felt something coming on or if i was sick... and let me tell you, that stuff is the bitterest taste in the world! lol crested geckos
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    ha! that's how you know it's good!
    i used ot be the purchase buyer for the Haba Dept (Health and Bueaty aids).

    Echinacea tintures will numb your tonge the stronger they are. and the taste isn't so appealing either. goldenseal is even worst tasting, it's an antimicrobial. echinacea is an immune system booster.
    most the alternative/herbal cold/sick/flu remidies will have Vit C, zinc, echinacea, maybe goldenseal, and elderberry.

    soo...the liquid will usually get to work faster and tatse the worst. pills generally are better tasteing. tablets are kind of inbetween.

    i'm partial to homeopathics, and still learning the ropes on them too.
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    My issue with Airborne is the nasty chemically sweetener crap they put in it. I'd frankly rather have it sweetened with cane juice or real fruit sugars. Heck, regular sugar is better than the sucralose gunk.
    That said, it does appear to work for me anyway. I tend to drink Echinacea and Elder tea, as well as doing zinc and vit C. Believe it or not, a good cardio work out where you build up a sweat can work wonders, as well as the hot shower afterwards! Makes me feel right as rain in no time! I've burned away a few colds and flu doing that.
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