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Thread: Getting my Gargoyles Today or Tomorrow, Need help!

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    palex134 Guest

    Default Getting my Gargoyles Today or Tomorrow, Need help!

    Im hopefully ordering my 1.2 adult aurics today or atleast the male. When I introduce them, should I add the male into the females or the females in to the males area, or should I just introduce them all into a new cage? How old should Gargoyle females be before breeding?

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    Youre animals need to be 2 years old before breeding, and preferably 40 grams plus, although usually listed as being smaller than a crested they are generally heavier, bulkier animals.

    As far as introducing them to each other as long as its a new enclosure and they are all introduced at the same time, you should have few problems. Howevber females will tend to bully the male, so that is something to keep an eye out for!

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    ArborealsEtc Guest


    You will want to watch the females. Tom is right about them picking on the males. So be ready for a regenerated tail on your male, this way you dont freak out if it does happen...

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    did you get your gargs yet? its been quit a while whats goin on? didnt get a suitable enclosure yet

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    palex134 Guest


    Not yet. I called the breeder but he did pick up. Ill try tomarrow!

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    make sure you post pics as soon as you get them!
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