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Thread: "Rhac FAQ"- Need Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDReptiles View Post
    "My gecko is having convulsions and is hardly breathing/breathing with its mouth open, is this bad?"

    Hmmmm..could be bad. Have any pics? HA
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    maybe have some sort of chart similar to the size chart except have it be X# of geckos to X# of gallons, this is something i have been wondering about myself, like maybe go from one crestie need at least a 20gal and go up to ten cresties or something?

    also alot of people still don't know if they have males or females even when they are showing thier sex, i had to send someone a picture, with my guy's "maleness" circled in red so that he would know whether his two were male or female...

    here are some in no order

    what is candeling?
    how can you tell an egg is fertile?
    how can you tell a female is gravid?
    my gecko has a crooked tail, what does that mean?
    can i feed my gecko only crickets?
    why do you have to add calcium to the crickets?
    is there something better than crickets to feed my geckos? [other than CGD]
    what kind of plants are safe to use?
    can i use mirical grow in my terrarium?
    why do you have to wash plants before you put them in the terrarium?
    what does it mean to quarenteen?
    why is a quarenteen nessicary?
    how can you tell if there is something wrong with the gecko?
    how can you tell if your gecko has MBD/parasites/something else... lol three questions, but didn't want to type them all out!
    what are the most common signs of illness?
    can i put frogs, or any other type of reptile in with my crested geckos?
    why can't two males be caged together if two females can be?
    [lol] my male lizard was making alot of noise last night and biting my females neck!!!! what should i do?!?!?!

    you should definately WARN them that breeding cresties are very vocal, and can sometimes "rough" eachother up a little bit, because mine are all in my bedroom with me, and i had mine for about two years before they started breeding, and i freaked out! i was sound asleep and all of a sudden i heard all this barking, and thought that they were fighting, so i turned on the light and realized what they were doing, but i had never heard them like that before, so a warning would be good... lol, i am kind of embarrased to say that, but oh well...

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    Default Based on my pet store experience...

    These are all questions I have answered at one time or another while working at the Petco. I tried not to duplicate anyone elses.

    - How big of a tank do I need for one gecko? Two? Three?
    - Can I put males with females, males with males, or females with females?
    - When will I know if my gecko is a male or a female (how old)?
    - How long will a female be gravid for?
    - How long will it take for my eggs to hatch?
    - Crested gecko diet vs. crickets vs. babyfood; what ratios should be fed and how often?
    - How often should I change my crested gecko diet?
    - Why is my gecko's tail floppy?
    - Why is my gecko's back crooked? I didn't drop her or close her in the lid, so I don't think she is hurt.
    - Why does my gecko suck it's eyes into it's head?
    - Does it hurt when they bite?
    - Will I bleed if I get bitten?
    - If I get bit, will I get any kind of disease?
    - What diseases do cresteds carry that I should be aware of?
    - Are they venemous? (no joke, I have gotten this question)
    - What kind of cleaner should I use to clean and disinfect the tank?
    - How often should I clean my tank?
    - My kid wants a gecko, do you think a crested gecko will make a good pet?
    - Leopard geckos vs. crested geckos; which one makes a better pet? Why?
    - What tank furniture is essential to make my gecko happy?
    - What type of heat source should I use? Do I even need a heat source?
    - When should I take my crested gecko to the vet? Do they need shots or yearly check-ups?
    - How much does it cost to take a gecko to the vet?
    - Where do I find a reptile vet?
    - What makes them stick to the walls?
    - I accidentially left the lid open and lost my crested gecko, how do I find him? Where should I look?
    - Will my crested gecko drink from a water dish?
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    me being a newbie this should be easy!!

    1.How much does it cost to breed?
    2.Are cresties an expensive pet to keep?
    3.Why does my gecko lick s/he eye?

    i think of more later
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    Thought I'd bring this one back up from the depths.

    Since I'm finally settled in Germany, I'm working on bringing this "Crestie Rhac FAQ" to life. I created a new HTML page today that will stay a ghost page until I get a bit more done on it.

    So post any additional questions quick, because this thing is coming to life!!! Thanks!

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    Thusfar.... the bare bones:

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    Don't know if you would want to add any more, but I can think of a few random ones that people didn't ask already (at least I don't think so)

    - What are the best ways to get calcium to females?
    - What brands are best to use?
    - My room tends to be cold, what kind of heat source should I use?
    - If I use a heat lamp, which lightbulb would I need?
    - Would it effect the gecko if they are in a fairly dark room all day?
    - Would it effect the gecko if the room is normally bright?
    - What size container should I keep a hatchling gecko in?
    - Will any hatchlings get out of certain containers? (There's some kritter keeper things with parts you can punch out to put tubes in, and sometimes the gaps are big enough for very small crickets to fit through)
    - I want to buy a gecko from a pet store, how would I know it's healthy?
    - My gecko won't open it's mouth when I rub the sides of it. Is there another way to tell how good it's calcium sacks are?
    - Are there certain things I should feed the crickets? Are there any that will be toxic if the gecko gets to it?
    - Can I just leave a bunch of crickets in the tank?
    - What should I do if my gecko's shed skin won't come off all the way?
    - There's some shed skin stuck around my gecko's eye. How many things can I try, and what is safe to use?
    - When i walk into the room and turn the light on, the gecko runs off and hides. Why?
    - Can turning on a light in a dark room hurt their eyes? What sort of lights can I use that won't effect them?
    - What sort of eye colors are there?
    - What is the difference between cream and blonde?
    - How do I know if my gecko is black?
    - Is it possible to get a black/white or grey/white morph?
    - Are there actually moonglows?
    - Why are some morphs so expensive, while I can find another that looks just like it for a lot less?
    - How do I know how much my juvie is worth?
    - How do I know what to breed for?
    - What traits are normally dominate?
    - What is the blushing trait?
    - How many wax worms can I feed my gecko? How often?
    - What if my gecko gets addicted to one type of food, but I can't get it anymore. How can I get it to transition? (Like if it gets addicted to the wax worms)
    - What time of the year is best to ship out/in the geckos?
    - Is it safe to put more than one adult in a box to ship?
    - What morphs are "rare"
    - What are the more common morphs?
    - Why do they 'fire up' a completely different color?
    - Why do some pictures of creamsicles look like their skin is slightly transparent?
    - I can't tell if my female is pregnant, but it has been with the male for a month. How will I know when she lays without disturbing her lay box?
    - OH NO! I accidently flipped the egg! I didn't mark which side was up yet, what should I do now?
    - What should I use to mark the top of an egg?
    - What SHOULDNT I use to mark the top of an egg?
    - Are pernament markers safe to use to mark the top of an egg? Aren't they toxic?
    - My hatching has been half-hatched for hours. Should I be worried?
    - How can I help a hatchling out of it's egg? What tools should I use? What should I watch out for? are there pictures of this somewhere?
    - What do they mean when an egg 'sweats'?
    - I got a new male/female for my collection. How long must I wait before I can pair it up? What should I look for? Is there a way to tell if it has a parasite or any other disease?
    - What medicine do I use to get rid of parasites? How much do they cost?
    - When selling geckos, should I make any garantees?
    - Is it safe to inbreed? How many times is too much?
    - How long should I wait before throwing out an egg?
    - What should I incubate the eggs in?
    - Can I use a heat lamp or heat pad to help incubate the eggs?
    - The humidifier/tempreture gauges I bought aren't working well. What brands work best? What are these 'probes' that come with some?
    - My gecko digs their claws into my skin when it walks on me. How can I stop this?
    - My male gecko has his junk sitting out, but he hasn't brought it back in. What should I do?
    - If I plan on pairing up some geckos, should I take them to the vet to get them checked up first?
    - What kind of roaches can i feed them?
    - Is it worth feeding crickets to very young juvies/hatchlings?
    - When can I sell my juvie?
    - Why do the females cost so much?
    - What is the normal hatch ratio of male VS female? (Example: 12 males to every 2 females or 1/6 female, that kinda thing)
    - Is it true that if I incubate warmer/colder that it'll be more likely to have males/females?
    - My female's clutches are all duds, but she was in with the male the entire time. What happened?
    - Will they eat the eggs?
    - Will they eat their young?
    - How small are they when they're born?
    - How fast should they grow?
    - How often do the geckos shed?
    - How often do the juvies/hatchings shed?

    Sorry if there are any repeats. That's all I can think of.

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    Wow, nice list! I'll definitely be adding a bunch of those.

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    I don't know if this has been posted already.

    "Is it normal for my geckos poop to be black and white with a clear substance?"

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    how do i help my gecko if there are head or tail wounds as a result of rough breeding or just plain fighting behavior from a cage mate? scrapes? gashes? would neosporin be appropriate? what if there's stuck shed due to a wound?

    regarding breeding: if i have an agro female but want to breed her... lets say i have already put her in once and there were wounds from the male... once she is healed can i try again to breed her? OR are there just mean females who have to live alone forever? (in this instance, the female disposition is such that she may resist male contact to the point that the male may fight her.) can this type of female be bred.? crested geckos
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