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Thread: leopard gecko help

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    Please please PLEASE do not go by how many geckos petco can stuff into a small space to judge how many you can house togeather. It should really be maybe 2-3 babies to a 10 gallon, 2 juvies/pre-adults to a ten gallon, or 1 full adult to a 10 gallon.

    Note: All of our geckos are horribly spoiled, the biggest boy in a 30g, the big girl in a 20g and our 2 new pre-adults in a 40 breeder.
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    its a ten gallon tank and i wanted to just get another baby

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    yeah i no what you mean at my pet store they have 7 anoles in a 10 gallon with only 1 thing to climb on.
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    Yeah, you could get another baby BUT they will grow up and you'll need bigger tanks. The recommended for an adult (ONE adult) is a twenty gallon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kris198921 View Post
    yeah i no what you mean at my pet store they have 7 anoles in a 10 gallon with only 1 thing to climb on.
    Keep in mind petstores are stocking for SALE and not for permanent housing. If one animal was housed per cage, with the typical square footage devoted to live animals, stores would never have anything in stock because they'd sell it, and it would take another week or two to get another animal in stock, which would then sell and it'd be another couple weeks to restock. So you're talking the timeframe of a month and two geckos being sold. That would be completely unrealistic.
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