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Thread: "Couldn't happen to me." Though fails again...

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    it happens to me, too. road rage from idiot drivers. in the Poconos we are being invaded by NYC and NJ drivers who are not used to our way of driving, and they are very rude. you literally take your life into your hands every time you get into your car. NEXT time, CALL the police, or go to the station and file a report. you never know, this guy might have a previous record. and that would be a good thing to get him off the streets or for him to have to re-take a drivers exam to get his license back. it really might make him be more careful.

    Stay Safe.

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    As for the pictures of my blue crowned conure here you go!

    Unfortunately she has a TON of new feathers coming in on the back of her head and neck which always aggravates her. That plus the fact she hates my camera... she wouldn't stop moving and I filled my smaller flashcard with photos of her running away... bobbing her head... or hiding behind toys so this is ALL I got that isn't TO blurry. Pain in the neck though thats for sure.

    Took this one from across the room before she realized what was going on.

    And this one is her about 5 minutes later my guess a little out of breath from running around her cage.

    Anyway there she is... I believe she is 6 or 7 years old, we've had her since she was only a chick (not in our possession but we knew the breeders and played with her everyday so she would get use to us). And to all of you that might be wondering... yes she talks. She plays peekaboo and if I tell her to be quite... and only me... she will scream SHUTUP back. She says a couple kinda goofy things but thats about it. Oh and her names Tiki.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyCrestie View Post
    It's *not* way too late. You can (and should) still file a police report.

    Give them all the info you know about his vehicle and his personal description. If you want to drive up and get the plate number, just be careful doing so (and admit that you got it after the fact - not at the time - it does make a difference in prosecution).

    Better option would be to talk to the officer when you file the report and ask if they have the manpower to go up there and look for the car (probably don't) or if you can go get the plate number.
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    I don't like the highway avoid it if I can. I was driving to our new house on I55 one morning when a black sports car came up behind me, He kept sitting on my bumper, I could not change lanes, I was in the middle lane with a semi on each side. I kept my speed finally one of the trucks moved ahead of me, this Jerk went around the truck, came back in my lane I kept watching him - AFRAID-- He finally sped up a short istance and came to a dead stop in the middle of the road, I missed him by a hair. Plates LadyBird 1
    There are jerks out there. Glad you and your brother are safe. Explain to him how you felt, make sure he wasn't afraid also. You had angels riding with you.
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    You're right, I shouldn't. I didn't mean to recommend it but it could be taken that way. I've had plenty of people speed up on me when I went to pass them. I wasn't tailgating them prior to passing or anything. It seems like they figure out they're driving slow and instead of letting me go on before speeding up they do it with me beside them. I'm sitting on cruise control and eventually the fall back behind and when I start to get enough room to get over they speed back up. Frustrating. Here in Texas it is common courtesy to pull over to the shoulder to allow some one to pass if you are on a two lane road and someone comes up behind you driving faster than you are. Not everyone does it, but enough do. I just get mad when I let people pass and they don't "say" thank you.

    There were, and may still be, some police officers on this forum. Those that posted before may be, or may not be, either way seem to have more knowledge on the matter. So I'll bow down to them and suggest that you take their advice. I guess if nothing else there would be a complain on file so if the guy gets a ticket or accident later on they won't be so lenient to him.


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